Phase One: A Nordic Nomad

In the next few months, I’ll be exploring the process of New Nordic Food, a movement that has put the Nordic region on the international map food-wise within the past decade. I want to explore the journey of the concept – where it got its start, what actors have been involved, how it has evolved, and how it takes place in the every day. I’ll be doing this exploration through conversations, stories, places and events focussed on or inspired by food around the region (along with the typical requirement of boatloads of reading).

A very good friend of mine, Amanda Wood, started her project Ways We Work, a weekly interview series that examines how people get things done and stay inspired, almost exactly a year ago. When writing about why she decided to start this project, she explained:

“Everywhere you look it’s easy to find perfectly polished identities, success stories and achievements. How did they get there? I think we need more of the honest stories, the things that didn’t go right, the challenges, the failures – and then how those were overcome. Success is the goal but the journey is the real story. That’s what people connect to.”

I thought this was a perfect parallel to what I want to accomplish when it comes to writing this thesis. Exploring what’s behind these success stories is not only important when it comes to individuals, but objects and concepts as well. What more do we learn about something by exploring it’s journey?

I want this blog to be a space where I can share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences while I sift through the world of thesis writing. As I’m working with trying to map out a network of a public food movement, I thought it would only be fair to document my involvement in this network as a researcher. I have to keep a log of my ideas and interactions anyways, so why not make it a little more interesting by breaking out of my academic shell and sharing some of it publicly?

I hope that for you, as a reader, some of it will be interesting and informative. For me, I hope to gain some insights from your thoughts and responses.

I’m going to try to write a blog post at least once a week. They may be about events I’ve attended (including Streat Helsinki, a street food festival which I’ll be attending next week), people I’ve talked to, stories about things and places, or ideas that have been on my mind lately. If you find yourself curious about anything, or want me to write more about a certain subject, feel free to let me know.

Most of what I write will probably be about food. But, I want this blog to live on, so I also don’t want to limit myself, and may also write about topics or events that come up in my life that may not pertain to that tasty subject – so in that sense, this is why I’m calling this Phase One, following my nomadic journey (of thesis writing) through the Nordic countries.


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